All the equipment available in aTOPlab was provided by partner companies/entities on a donation or loan basis.

The partners involved make their knowledge and experience available through the collaboration of their employees, as well as providing additional equipment for the assessment and support of the people who seek the services of this laboratory.

The Altice Portugal Foundation is a private, non-profit and public utility institution, which aims to implement Altice Portugal’s commitment to social responsibility.

It promotes support for people in vulnerable situations and the use of Information and Communication Technologies in a sustainable and responsible way, seeking to contribute to the empowerment of institutions, to the social inclusion of people at risk of exclusion and to the stimulation of culture and the arts.

The Altice Foundation equipped aTOPlab with computer equipment and assistive technologies for access to digital environments and for Augmentative Communication. It provided equipment to facilitate access to computers and mobile devices by people with sensory, cognitive and motor limitations.

The aTOP_FabLab has equipment for digital fabrication supported by Altice Foundation.

Gameiros aims to achieve the commitment to contribute actively and responsibly to a healthier society, to promote motivation, training and professional achievement. Respecting the legal rules in force and the strict compliance with the Good Distribution Practices of Medical Devices, based on a qualified and skilled team to meet their needs, Gameiros aims to have a wide offer of products, innovative services and solutions adapted to their reality, with a guarantee of the quality of the products and knowledge to the society.

It upholds the values – integrity, excellence, commitment and social responsibility.

Gameiros provided assistve products for Activities of Daily Living (dressing/dressing, personal care, bathing and hygiene, personal mobility and transfers, domestic activities and eating).

INVACARE’s area of expertise is in assistive products and functionality. It is the number 1 medical device supplier in terms of customer support and innovation. It has merged with key partners in each product area to give customers worldwide access to the best products. In doing so, the company has also been able to reach more users around the world, understand their practices and communicate the best of them.
It is a world leader in the production and distribution of medical home and long-term care products that promote recovery and an active lifestyle.
It has been constantly growing and strengthening its position as a market leader in the supply of quality medical devices and in compliance with all European standards.
It works every day to Make Life Experiences Possible.

INVACARE (Portugal) II Lda, contributed by providing assistive products for personal mobility and positioning, as well as for bathing and using the toilet.

Tsimetria is a company specialized in wheelchair positioning and mobility. Its scope of action is to establish partnerships that allow the design and adaptation of products according to the technical evaluations carried out.

It is specialised in the positioning and mobility of manual and electric wheelchairs, and its main activity is adapting special commands for electric chairs.

It is differentiated by the specialised technical support provided by professionals with experience and in-depth knowledge in positioning and mobility, who seek the best solution for their customers. They go the extra mile to ensure that all their customers’ needs are met.

Tsimetria provided specialised and differentiated assistive products for mobility and positioning, including electric wheelchairs with diversified control options such as controlling the chair with head movements and scanning (one click is enough to move the chair.

TotalMobility specialises in accessibility and car adaptations for people with functional diversity. They provide a differentiated and specialised service taking into account the specific needs of those who seek them.

Their work is based on a multidisciplinary team with more than 15 years’ experience. In collaboration with the client, they seek the best solution for their needs. They analyse your day-to-day life and work together to find solutions that will give you security, autonomy, integration into society and personal/professional fulfilment.

They present a diversified range of solutions related to Autonomous Driving, Transport in Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, advice and supply of Support Products, Mobility and Accessibility Consultancy and Rental of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles.

TotalMobility is available to carry out evaluations and find the best options car adaptations for driving and transporting wheelchairs of different inside and outside the car.

In aTOPlab there is a driving station with options available for steering, acceleration, braking and activating functions such as lights, horn, windscreen wipers among others.