Alberto Fernandes

António Alberto Fernandes is responsible for Marketing and Public Relations at TotalMobility, a leading company in Portugal in the adaptation and transformation of vehicles for transportation or autonomous driving for people with functional diversity.
He has consolidated experience in the Support Products market, both from personal experience as a user (paraplegic since 1997, D1-L1) and from working in this area for almost a decade.
He was a founding member of RODAR – Associação Portuguesa de Lesionados Medulares (Portuguese Association of Spinal Cord Injured People) and a member of the organization of the 1st National Meeting of Spinal Cord Injured People held in Porto in 2002.
He was responsible for organizing and managing the 1st edition of the “Tree of Wishes” initiative, with the participation of hundreds of students from national educational institutions, a Quercus initiative.
He is co-author of the book “Mais que Acessibilidade, Valor” (More than Accessibility, Value), published by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa in December 2017.
He is the face of the “Wheelchange Tours” advertising campaign, an FCB Lisboa production for “TUR4all Portugal” and “Visit Portugal”, an open source project that aims to train people with reduced mobility to enter the job market as tour guides.